Scar and Lymphatic Management ~ 
Susan has helped me so much to recover from my mastectomy. I see her for both lymphatic drainage and scar tissue massage. She is amazing and it always feels SO much better. Susan is knowledgeable about so many situations, I appreciate her views on all the ways to heal.
Amy P.
Injury Treatment ~
I started to see Susan for basic massage over a year ago for minor aches and pains. This past June I fell and broke my arm, pulling ligaments and requiring extensive surgery to repair the damage.  My surgeon required PT twice a week, and in addition I elected to see Susan for massage therapy twice a week.  After a month time my surgeon decreased my PT to once a week, but he thought the benefits of massage with Susan was so beneficial that I should continue the twice a week visits.  He is totally amazed with the work that Susan is doing. He feels my mobility and strength has improved greatly and at a much faster pace than without her treatment.  My surgeon is so impressed with Susan's treatment that he has asked for her business cards to refer his patients.
Beverly P.


Pregnancy Massage ~
I'm not sure I can say enough good things about Susan. She is a caring, calming person and attentive massage therapist.  I came to Susan after a less than stellar maternity massage I'd gotten in Las Vegas a few weeks before.  I was skeptical, expecting that the massage would not offer much more than an hours' time away from work and parenting classes.  But I was wrong.  The first session I had with Susan was fantastic and proved to be quite the opposite experience from what I had previously had.  The aches and pains of my late second trimester that I'd chalked up to being un-soothable were, in fact, eased in my first visit with Susan.  She asked insightful questions about my body and the changes I was experiencing, helping me to hone in on the most problem areas, and worked through them with firm and comforting massage and adjustments.  She also answered my questions about her methods and rationale for targeting certain muscles and gave great advice for posture and daily activity that helped me avoid some of the discomforts that come with a growing belly, widening hips and loosening joints.
Since that first visit, I've been going to Susan about once every one to two weeks.  At each visit she has been sure to check in with me about what hurts, listened to my often changing answers as my pregnancy progressed and responded with the right techniques to tackle whatever discomforts I've felt.  Susan has even come to my house in the very stressful and sleep-deprived first weeks since my daughter was born, helping me to relax and unwind after long days and nights up feeding and changing diapers.  If you're a first time mom or mom-to-be, or going through a subsequent pregnancy or postpartum period, I highly recommend scheduling time with Susan, you won't be disappointed.

Nikki C - Seattle


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