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Scar and Lymphatic Management ~ 
Susan has helped me so much to recover from my mastectomy. I see her for both lymphatic drainage and scar tissue massage. She is amazing and it always feels SO much better. Susan is knowledgeable about so many situations, I appreciate her views on all the ways to heal.
Amy P. Seattle
August 2018
Susan and I began our journey in 2015 after shoulder surgery left me with lymphedema in my neck and right arm. Stadium sports medicine referred me to a physical therapist for manual lymph drainage. Needless to say, I was “sorely” disappointed. The swelling worsened, and the pain left me with minimal use of my arm and hand. I had extensive bruising, and because I am right hand dominant, feared I would not be able to write or perform other intricate tasks. My husband, seeing me suffer daily, took it upon himself to find a provider that would not only help me with the pain and disfigurement, but to reverse the damage being done. I was very skeptical until he interviewed Susan. Susan applies several techniques to achieve the unachievable through massage, cupping and acupressure. I had a procedure in March of 2019 to remove lymph nodes and stents were placed to promote lymphatic flow. After a short time of healing, my surgeon suggested a return to massage therapy for manual lymph drainage. I began again in June of 2019, and the combination has been magic. My arm has only vague intermittent pain, and the constant swelling is virtually non-existent. Susan definitely has the touch, backed by tremendous knowledge of the disease and how it responds to treatment. While all of this is going on, swelling in my legs continued to worsen. I was beginning to think the lymph nodes were damaged from poor flow and occlusions in my upper extremities. This was not the case. Lymphedema in my lower extremities was ruled out via lymphangiogram. CT scans showed less than optimal blood flow near a previous surgical site. However, DVT and other vascular concerns were ruled out one by one. This indicated Lipedema to be the culprit in the swelling and disfigurement in my legs. Susan was concerned that cupping might prove to be too painful, but she started slow and worked up to weekly 90 minute treatments. The results are astounding! Absolutely astounding! Blood flow is returning to areas that were kind of pasty grey and lumpy. The persistent swelling and strange nodules under the skin are visibly reduced. My pants wrinkle and bunch up when I put them on after treatment. Anyone who has had swelling so bad that boots, shoes, pants and socks create inch deep impressions. Knows what I mean when I say. I have wrinkles in my jeans and not impressions in my flesh. If you or anyone you know has persistent lymphedema, or lipedema, or both; I cannot recommend Susan enough. Be patient, when results begin, they really begin and maintain. Some of the treatments do cause bruising and pain. It’s totally worth it and, your body will thank you. Susan, Thank you for your guidance and tender touch. It has meant the difference in giving up on this disease and beating it! You are a treasure.

Elizabeth C. Seattle

November 2019

I have had abdominal scar tissue for 8 years - from a tummy tuck. My abdomen was tight, hard, and lumpy m due to the scar tissue. I had first went to the Art of the Healing Touch for lymphatic massage and cupping - that worked a lot of loosening up the scar tissue. Thereafter I went to Susan for treatment, she was able to use her methods of loosening up scar tissue as well. I finished 6 sessions with Susan and now the scar tissue has pretty much disappeared! It's quite a relief to not have such a hard lumpy stomach. I highly recommend Susan for scar tissue work - she's awesome!

November 2019

Injury Treatment ~
I started to see Susan for basic massage over a year ago for minor aches and pains. This past June I fell and broke my arm, pulling ligaments and requiring extensive surgery to repair the damage.  My surgeon required PT twice a week, and in addition I elected to see Susan for massage therapy twice a week.  After a month time my surgeon decreased my PT to once a week, but he thought the benefits of massage with Susan was so beneficial that I should continue the twice a week visits.  He is totally amazed with the work that Susan is doing. He feels my mobility and strength has improved greatly and at a much faster pace than without her treatment.  My surgeon is so impressed with Susan's treatment that he has asked for her business cards to refer his patients.
Beverly P. Seattle
April 2015





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